The culture of obsolescence embeds us in a field of expiring objects. Things that we take as direct markers of identity will eventually break, become passé, or have to be upgraded and we, immersed in the staccato of our material culture, have somehow come to accept a fragmented sense of self.

This exhibition explores ways in which we assimilate the culture of obsolescence, in which things that are intimately tied to our identity are built to break down. I invited artists to reflect on this situation. Fourteen works were selected from an open call and grouped to represent the negotiations and contradictions we process subconsciously in an age driven by choice, innovation, lifestyle and progress.

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Dates and Venue:
April 7 - April 18, 2014
Samuel J. Zacks Gallery at York University

Exhibition Design, Curation and Writing by:
Prachi Khandekar

Featured Artists:
Vanessa Arnold
Jorge Ayala
Monika Bodirsky
Patrick Cummins
Tara Dorey
Lucas Johnson
J.P King
Holly McClellan
Lauren Mulroney
Andrew Owen A01
Jenifer Sutherland
Robin Tieu
Ken Vickerson
Georgina Walker