I conceive and curate exhibitions and multimedia projects.

Interventions that help our bodies pause and reflect are a delight to me. My approach usually involves directing attention to that which hides in plain sight.

I have a background in architecture, design, and writing – a foundation that continues to inform my work. My practice evolves by collaborating with local and international creators, institutions, and cultural organizations. 



  IN THE WORKS...   

Circuits of Sand and Water is an experimental film exploring the window as a metaphor. It illustrates the tacit wager of digital privacy: we offer up information everyday, caught between our animal instincts and digital impulses. 

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A combination of narrative fiction, slow video, and binaural audio depicts what it’s like to be human in an era where algorithms construct desire; the machine gaze parses through actions; and privacy is diminished in service of data-driven utopias. 

*Developed with support from Canada Council for the Arts and CALQ.


An exhibition about the erosion of solitude from contemporary culture. Two immersive installations housed in shipping containers invited pedestrians to reflect on what we readily give up in pursuit of constant connectivity.

︎ www.savac.net/flight-mode/
︎ flightmode_exhibit

Featured Installations: Ecolocation
by Hagop Ohannessian and Antiprism by Lily Jeon.

Supported by SAVAC and the Ontario Arts Council. Site provided by Waterfront Toronto

Photography by Rémi Carreiro and Vincent Castonguay. Graphic Design by Heather Lynn and Billyclub.




Cover & Spread re-visited seven architectural projects of Canadian Modernism through archival photos and editorials as featured in Canadian Architect Magazine. The project’s aim was to understand the legacy and relevance of these buildings.


Working Models probed the role of model-making in design research, using a range of media. The selections demonstrate the possibilities of working models in various modes: Concept, Process, Detail, Digital, Performance and Illustrative.