Chest to Chest (2023)
Exhibition Review for ADA-x

Shaping Grief (2021)
Exhibition Review for Whippersnapper Gallery

Circuits of Sand and Water (2021)
Short story

The Uncomfortable Now (2019)
Curatorial Statement and Exhibition Catalogue

James Maxwell: Selected Works (2015)
Curatorial Statement 

STUFF: The Culture of Obsolescence (2013)
Curatorial Statement and Exhibition Catalogue

LIGHT.MOTION.SOUND: Nuit Blanche Installations (2013)
Exhibition Catalogue

Cover & Spread: Selections from Canadian Architect (2013)
Curatorial Statement

Out of Site, Out of Mind (2011)
Zine, Self Published

Muffled Desires Sealed with a Stitch (2011)
Essay, Published in DragMag, Issue 1

The Market as an Organism (2011)
Visual Essay

Scripting the Future of Telephony (2010)
Essay, Published in FieldStudy, Issue 13, Pg 16

Signs and Symbols (2011)
Visual Essay

The Bug that we Feared, Caught and Forgot (2011)

Follow These Instructions Blindly (2011)
Visual Essay

Depicting a Disaster (2011)
Visual Essay

Minimal Packaging: Green or Greenwashed? (2010)

Confessions of a Turtleneck Sweater (2010)