James Maxwell: Selected Works (2015)
Curatorial Statement 

STUFF: The Culture of Obsolescence (2013)
Exhibition Catalogue

LIGHT.MOTION.SOUND: Nuit Blanche Installations (2013)
Exhibition Catalogue

Cover & Spread: Selections from the Canadian Architect Image Collection (2013)
Curatorial Statement & Introductory Panel

Out of Site, Out of Mind (2011)
Publication & Dissertation for MA Design Writing Criticism

Muffled Desires Sealed with a Stitch (2011)
Essay, Published in DragMag, Issue 1

Market as an Organism (2011)
Infographic and Short Essay
Scripting the Future of Telephony (2010)
Academic Essay, Published in FieldStudy, Issue 13, Pg 16

Signs and Symbols: A Visual Analysis (2011)
Analysis and Infographic

The Bug that we Feared, Caught and Forgot (2011)
Short Essay

Follow These Instructions Blindly (2011)
Technical Writing

Depicting a Disaster (2011)
Academic Essay

Minimal Packaging: Green or Greenwashed? (2010)
Academic Essay

Confessions of a Turtleneck (2010)
Short Essay

*Samples available upon request