Working Models was a multi-media exhibition that probed the role of working models in design research. The exhibition design demonstrated the possibilities of models to work in various modes, featuring an array of Conceptual Models, Process Models, Detail Models, Digital Models, Performance Models, Illustrative Models.

The challenge of this project was to transform an anthology of research projects from the Graduate Architecture and Building Science Programs into a spatial experience. The display used a strip of abstracts as a datum line on the wall and connected it to relevant drawings, models, posters and videos in the space to create a 3D Infographic.

Date and Venue:
25 January – 12 February, 2016
Paul H. Cocker Gallery

Exhibition Design by:
Prachi Khandekar

Photography by:
John Howarth

Featuring work the work of:
Ashley Biren
Eranga de Zoysa
Madeline Craig
Mark Turcato
Maryam Morakabian
Matthew Koniuszewski
Matthew Tokarik
Melissa Furukawa
Matthew Suriano
Rawya Al Ameen
Shawna Seligman
Siavash Vazirnezami
Steven Biersteker